ChildRight is a, by many Nobel laureates supported, fund that fights for the rights of children worldwide. In 1994 the foundation was established by the Dutch Nobel laureates Prof. Jan Tinbergen and Prof. Simon van der Meer.


Today ChildRight is supported by an international group of Nobel laureates, including the Dalai Lama and Lech Walesa.


Together they are committed to the 250 million children who are exploited every day as labor and/or as sex objects.


The Nobel Prize winners, with ChildRight, are doing an appeal to the world - for you, all of us: Stop exploiting children! They are entitled to a better life. And a better future! Both in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. ChildRight doesn't make any distinction with regard to religion, race, political opinion, etc.


ChildRight campains for the rights of children and against violence

ChildRight fights child exploitation: all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse of children.