A world in which children are not exploited, in which all children get education and can be a child. This is the mission ChildRight, the children's Fund of Nobel Prize winners, works towards. To achieve this we need supporters. Individuals, but also companies and institutions.

Companies can convert their social commitment into concrete actions. By being socially responsible and to respect the rights of all children.

Every child counts

Child Right enables companies to support local children's organizations in different ways to support financially or in natura; independently or in close cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees. In addition, companies can choose between a general donation to ChildRight or a donation to a specific project of ChildRight.


Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means that a company thinks about the social, ethical and ecological consequences of their business, particularly for children.

ChildRight is looking for cooperation with companies who respect the rights of children and are visably committed to corporate social responsibility. These companies may -alone or together with their relationships- sponsor a ChildRight project. The progress in such a specific project can be followed via our website.

What is the result?

A better life for many disadvantaged children; extra goodwill with customers; and more motivated employees. In addition, companies get extra publicity via the ChildRight website.


For more information, please contact us via email or

phonenumber (030) 6777280.