ChildRight organizes dialogue in Peace Palace

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ChildRight organizes dialogue with Nobel Prize winners and youngsters in the Peace Palace The Hague


On invitation of ChildRight Nobel prize winner Mrs. Mairead Maguire (Nobel Peace prize 1976) and Mr. Gerard 't Hooft (Nobel Physics prize 1999) were at the Peace Palace in The Hague. There, they talked with students of international schools from The Hague and Amsterdam. The conference was an initiative of ChildRight themed : " How can we keep earth livable for future generations ?"


Youngsters, ranging from 10 till 15 years of age, asked the Nobel laureates how we can prevent children from being exploited in clothes factories in Bangladesh.

According to Mrs. Maguire the solution is not the closing of the factories but rather through legislation increasing the children's wages (now 11 cents a day) and by raising the pressure on the companies.


Asked how we can fight poverty Mr. 't Hooft replied that the earth is still very rich in raw materials and that the key lies in a better distribution of raw materials and goods. Education is here of decisive importance. Mr. 't Hooft also said that it would be possible to provide for all our total energy needs with non-polluting energy sources like solar, wind and hydro-electric. Science can play a crucial role in these developments with new technology.