Childright helps in first place the children of St. Kolewa in Bali for financial operations at open palate/hazelipjes/Burns etc etc but now the volcano Gunung Agung to eruption has come and the landscape covered with black fabric is there emergency assistance needed.

The people live in great fear and have been evacuated to safe places from September on in camps, tents, wet black sanding no plastic cover on the roofs etc it is very very distressing. There is a strong need for food and drinks. St Kolewa helps with volunteers where one can. but this can only be done with donations of all of us.

Childright has transferred already an amount of €2000 euro and with the help of our donors we help send them the amount of €2500,-euro.

HELP is needed! Account childright NL03INGB0000001130 to the att of Bali Kolewa, or click on the button on our home page and donate now. with many thanks!