New uniforms!

The new uniforms for the children of Sanuk Day Care Center in Thailand (sponsored by ChildRight) are welcomed with open arms and received with great joy.


Because Sanuk does not need to follow any regulations with regards to the model they have opted for this kind of clothing. It is more versatile and easier in use and maintenance. The most important thing is, that the children are very well recognizable due to the nice blue color. It is more modern and certainly more noticeable between the common standard and middle of the road uniforms the other schools and shelters have.


These 'girlies' were so proud when their uniforms arrived that day, that they came up running to us showing them.  And it was so funny that they found it a pity to put the uniforms on, afraid that they would get dirty!! During a recent event at one of the International Schools in Bangkok, whereby Sanuk was invited to participate with some of the bigger kids, they reaped quite some praise.