Many thanks to all donors for the donations they have given in 2017 and the support that Childright may give to many children to various projects. We do hope we can also count on your support in 2018? THANK YOU

A few of our following projects in 2017 were:
Guatemala: a school class of Dr. Bloem school from Group 1 to group 8 guide in the form of school and various teaching materials.

Thailand: day care of many migrants but also Thai children who otherwise were left to their own devices, with all its consequences, now safe in Phim's ChildRight day care centre were kids can safely play and learn.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: a sports complex for especially favela children (from the slums) so they can sport and exercise to keep them off the streets and out of the hands of the police. Also education/psycho aid they get from teachers.

Kenya: a 3 x per day meals sponsorship for these poor orphan children.
Indonesia: Java, a program "child marriages" to inform children at many schools and assist them when they need help for this big problem.

Indonesia: children with hearing problems, cleft lip and palate; open palate, be able to operate. Additional donations for the evacuation of many surrounding about danger to the eruption of the volcano in Bali .

Kenya: support of high school kids. those who after elementary school can go to study Childright is helping with their school supplies.