Batam and Kasu, Indonesia

Education and intensive coaching to ensure a better future for the children from the
poorest levels of the population is ChildRight's purpose to support them.


ChildRight provides scholarhips, money for books and uniforms, libraries and studies where the children after school time, can practice computer lessons and all sorts crafts, play sports and games, get special help with their homework and naturally where they can borrow and read books. All facilities are freely accessible.


The children attending the frist class of the MI Darul Ikwan School, are living on the small fisherman's village Kasu. The children of the lower secondary school are supported in its broadest sense.


Kasu is one of the many small islands in the re region.Nearly all residents on this island live from the fishery and related jobs. The standard of living is very low. There is no electricity. Only in the evening electricity can be 'rented' from the few inhabitants who own a generator.


There is no fresh water supply either. You can reach Kasu only by renting a small boat. Sailing takes more than 1 hour from the Isle Batam. There are no ferries and so the residents have a very isolated life. Because the the residents live from fishing they are extremely dependent upon the weather. When the weather is bad the fishermen can not sail out, so there is no catch at all. But even in good times, when there is a lot of fish, their earnings are hardly sufficient to provide for their prime livelihood. Consequently, there is seldom any money left to cater for the children's school education. As soon as the children are old enough they join the fishing, unless there is money for their school education. A sound school education is then their only chance to escape from the poverty spiral.