In Colombia the Corjuconi-house

Extending the Kitchen

The children attending the 'Corjuconi-shelter for street-and stray children ' for help, come from families who cannot support in their first necessities. Corjuconi is currently helping about 60 children from the poorest families of the neighbourhood Las Delicias in Palmira with food facilities. In Corjuconi these 60 children receive breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Corjuconi is trying this way to fight malnutrition, because at this moment in about 70% of all cases the basic needs cannot be provided in. The current kitchen is currently expanded with the necessary facilities to provide the meals for these children. Also the extension of the kitchen space offers more space to move, so lessons like hygiene and the proper care of your body and prepare healthy food, can be given to the children.


The Woodworking Atelier

The woodworking class in the Corjuconi-House consists of about 40 children per year. The children are at least 10 years and up to 18 years old. They really enjoy the woodworking place very much. Not only the children follow the lessons but also young people who already left the Corjuconi-House, but who like to master this art. Through learning how to use the existing machines and tools, children learn to produce woodworking products and can be trained to become a carpenter/annex wood processor. The renewed workshop offers the possibility to train annually 20 extra pupils.


Sports field

One of the activities that help to break this circle is sport. The ‘Corjuconi House’ has experienced that the children develop well through sport, physically and mentally, as well as in dealing with other children. Because sport in so many ways works progressive, Corjuconi want to create a sports accommodation.

To buy an adjacent piece of land and prepare this piece of land, a donation was made by ChildRight.


‘Together With the Children’

Corjuconi is an organization in Columbia which commits itself to children who are left to their fate and who cannot look after themselves. The children (7-15 years) originate from the Colombian city of Palmira and the area around this city. In this area there are many poor households out of which 70% cannot provide in their daily needs. The children are forced to steal or beg on the street.

Corjuconi provides loving care and (professional) education, but also provides proper guidance so that the children learn to be responsible and a get a more healthy base.

Corjuconi ensures that the children have to eat and supports them in pedagogical, psychological, medical and recreational manner. In the seven years that Corjuconi Colombia is active, it has become clear that many more children need help. To offer more children shelter, Corjuconiaan, builds more physical space. The construction project is phased; once the foundation is being laid, new quarters and rooms can be built in phases. Advantage is that the costs can be spread over various periods.

ChildRight supports Corjuconi with financial resources.