Fahari Foundation Centre, Kenya

14th February 2015 the Fahar Foundation Centre in Bomani (Mtwapa, Kenya) has been officially opened.


This newly build rescue center, where 51 orphans under supervision of 4 adults "live' has been realized by many financial donations (a.o. from ChildRight) and following many activities to get the required funds.

In this center the 51 orphans have found a loving and safe home where they are being protected against abuse in its widest sense. In addition these children get a meal three times a day and they receive extra tuition by a teacher. Obviously, there is also adequate time for the children to practice their hobbies (singing, dancing, acrobatics, reading, etc.).


The building is located on a plot which is big enough for the children to play and there is a 900 square meter vegetable garden, there are two chicken-coops and area for keeping goats.


In the building there are 2 bedrooms for girls, 2 bedrooms for boys, showers, restrooms, a dining room, a kitchen,  2 classrooms, 2 coaching rooms, an office and a storage room. ChildRight's donation, amongst other things,  is also used to pay part of the interior.


The children stay in the program till they are healthy adults, learned a profession and eventually self-supporting.


We are proud and happy that we, with all of us, are making an essential difference!