Takoradi, Ghana

Adelaide lost her father on her 14th and her mother on her 15th. Her aunts provide for her, but can not affort school fees. Now she is 16 and thanks to the Scholarship she receives, she is a cheerful girl who has a future for ahead of her. She really wants to be a nurse in the hospital in Biemso. She goes there often to look how the nurses are doing their job.




Abdul Hakeem received on the age of 18 a Scholarship, thanks to the contributors of ChildRight. Abdul lived in the village of Biemso where he was forced to help his parents in the countryside. He wanted to become doctor very much, but there was no money to pay for his further education. His mother has Sicklecell Anaemia and is very sick, and that brings even more extra costs with it. This year he went to the third class of the Senior Secundary School. His dream to be a doctor is almost reality.




Derrick Agei got the Scholarship when he was 19 years old. He lived in Biemso and really wanted to become a professional football player. His parents did not have the funds to support his talent and so the Foundation Ghanasi assigned a scholarship to him. Meanwhile Derrick is busy playing football and daily dreams of participating with the World Cup. Who knows, his dream might come true!