Pondicherry, South India

The nursery Soorya Udayam Illam or "House of the Rising Sun" offers space for about
40 children. It is also an education center for children from the region. 


Udayam Illam is an eco-friendly and a partly self-sustaining project. The nursery is the vibrant heart amongst the other social activities, like the emancipation of the local community by means of self supporting groups and microcredits, education programs, healthcare and the provision of information about

 ChildRight Fund has financially contributed to the purchase of a school bus. The bus will be used for the transport of the children from the nursery Soorya Udayam (visits to the medical doctors, excursions, secundary education etc.) and the daily transportation of the 'drop-out' children from the surrounding
villages to the Empowerment school for special education. This pick-up service is essential to enable this group of children to get back to school again whilst they can continue to live in their own environment.

ChildRight Fund has financial contributed to the construction and continues to support the special education project of the drop-out children in Pondicherry in India as well.