Project Tibet


Tibet is a fascinating country with an impressive nature and an unique cultural
richdom. Amidst this splendour most Tibetans live in poverty.They fight for building up an acceptable living. But the possibilities to achieve this are very limited. Especially, Chinese influence does minimize their chances.


There is only one possibility for the Tibetan children in the remote region of Sershul
to get education viz. the public Chinese public school. However, only Chinese teachers are employed who do not know the Tibetans language. And the children themselves, ranging form 6 to 12 years of age, do not know the Chinese language.

The result is that it is more a form of a kindergarten rather than a spot where something useful can be learned. In the course of 2007 the group of children got their lessons in a tent outside the
village Junyong which is 25 kilometers away from the city Sershul.This has been gradually expanded to a complex where nearly 400 children, not only getting basic tuition now, but they also live in the boardingschool which forms part of the Ju Mipham Education centre.There are both Tibtan and Chinese teachers, and 5 young girls work as education assistants, teaching the youngest children to read and spell.


The children are being taken care of by the older women without any family; this way
they all live, learn and work together. The prime objective of this project is to increase the number of classrooms to make secundary education possible.


We want to build 4 classrooms, each 9.75 by 10,00 meters with a porch of 3,00 by 10,00 meters. The
children are now sitting on the floor and we want to keep it this way, because they are used to it and there is not any money yet to procure modern furniture. As they say themselves :" First classrooms then the rest will follow suit". When finishing the basic school the children can proceed to the bilingual secundary education at the Ju Miphan-Center, so that they can continue learning in a trusted environment, where there are spacious classrooms at their disposal. Immediately after the delivery the children can make use of the school. Getting new books is always a treat, also for the children of the Ju Miphan Education Centre.


Due to the fast growing numbers of students and the quality of the schoolbooks it is important that new books are acquired each year. Especially for the secondary school a lot of books are to be bought.


The parents are too poor to pay a lot of tuition fee, they do their utmost to provide food and warm clothes for their children, so not much is left for the school articles. Acquiring new schoolbooks is planned for 2015, both teaching, reading and working books, as well as notepads, education materials like pencils, pens, rulers and if - at all possible - schoolbags. These kind of articles are only for sale in the big city of Chengdu, a more than 1000 kilometers distance from the region.