St. Juliana Secondary School, Kenia

Within this culture it is an old custom that, because of poverty, very young girls are married or are given away to very old men who desire more women. In exchange those families receive livestock, a plot of land or some other 'bridal treasure'. These young girls do not receive education and have no sight of a bright future ahead of them.


To turnaround this problem, the building of the St. Juliana Secondary School began rapidly in August 2004. The goal of St. Juliana Secondary School is to improve the hopeless situation of the girls (some of which are orphans infected with HIV and very young pregnant girls). Improvement is realised by providing the girls in the age of 12 till 20 with an academic training or professional education. It is also the intention that the school will serve as a shelter for the girls.


In February 2005 the first pupils started at school. Meanwhile the project has been acknowledged as an educational centre by the government. By the time St. Juliana Secondary School is ready, it will be able to place about 380 pupils. In short, the St. Juliana Secondary School has given these girls a home where they can start building their dreams. And their future.