Victims of sexual abuse in Chili

El Peregrino is an education and training project offered to girls between the age of 10 and 16 years who have been the victim of sexual abuse, prostitution, or violence. These girls lack self-esteem and education. Those who have not yet been a victim of exploitation have tenuous personal circumstances, making them susceptible to abuse.


The majority of these girls are older then twelve and have never received a primary education, so their age excludes them from most educational programs. With the El Peregrino project, ChildRight attempts to provide an opportunity for these girls to improve their living conditions.


The 30 to 50 girls who are being looked after at El Peregrino are educated in a small group format, which fosters a comforting learning environment. In addition, the girls also have time for recreation and sports. The El Peregrino program is a comprehensive effort to ease the reintegration of these children