Orphanage Pelangi on the island of Flores, Indonesia

From the core values of love, commitment, conviction and decisiveness the Sandra Reemer Foundation creates the ‘space to share’ and there will leave something lasting for the disadvantaged within our world population. Many people in developing countries are limited in their development by the poverty in which they live. The talent and the will are there, however the financial resources are lacking.

SRF Foundation helps children and young people in developing countries to an independent and better existence. We accomplish this by, for example, offering training and income-generating projects. So, these young people, who need our aid the most, eventually grow up to be independent adults. If the time is right these young people, loose from the Sandra Reemer Foundation, should be able to retain independently their improved standard of living and be able to help others advance to a better future.

Together for a colourful future!


After a tsunami in the year 1992 on the island of Flores, the orphanage "Pelangi" is established by sister Jasintha of the social organization of Sisters Ursulines in Indonesia. By the tidal wave and the earthquake many children and babies lost their parents. These children were provided the subsequent years with the most essential needs such as food, drinks and medicines. In 1996 an existing residential home was made available, that was named "Pelangi".


Currently 68 children aged from 0 to 18 years live in the orphanage. Children who were victims of the tidal wave in 1992, complemented with the most poor, orphaned children from the surrounding villages. The island of Flores is a very poor area where there is no industry. One lives of the horticulture and fishing. It is difficult to get clean drinking water and tuberculosis is common.


With the donation of ChildRight Fund the construction of a sewing atelier is realized and supplied with appliances. A new floor is build on top of an existing building. In addition, sewing machines and other work material are necessary for the manufacturing of school clothing. This way jobs and thus a source of revenue are created for the daily expenses of orphanage "Pelangi".


The Sandra Reemer Foundation thanks the supporters of ChildRight Fund because partly due to their donation we can realize this project.