Jongeren laten ballonnen op

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Jongeren laten ballonnen op na bijeenkomst met Nobelprijswinnaars in het Vredespaleis


How many people can say "Hey! I talked to a couple of Nobel Prize winners about children's rights! My rights!

Zacha, International School of The Hague


It was a fantastic experience at the Peace Palace. Not only was it great to meet Mairead Maguire and Gerard 't Hooft, but also it was very interesting to find out about their challenges, life experiences and different opinions on the topics discussed. We were all very honored to be included in this never-to-be-forgotten discussion. Thank you again for giving me this opportunity.                                                    

Skyler, International School of Amsterdam


One of the Nobel Prize winners was Mairead Maguire, who co-founded the Peace People after 3 of her sister's children where killed by a getaway car of the IRA. She shook hands with us and made us feel really comfortable. To her the most important right for a child is to be loved. She said that love is not a privilege but really important.

Uy, International School of The Hague


I was flattered that I was selected to join, because this was a very important event and not many people have the chance to attend. If I could join again I want to have more time to speak, I had a lot of thoughts about the topic. I learned that it is very important to have a right to a clean world. It was an honour that I could meet the Nobel Prize winners. I enjoyed releasing the peace balloons in the air. It made me happy to feel that people have hope in their life.

Livia, International School of Amsterdam


Nobel Prize winner Gerard t'Hooft really analyzed our questions before he answered them. We realized that the Nobel Prize winners didn't only get the prize because of their intelligence but because of their passion and love of their subjects. It was an amazing experience.

Brenda, International School of The Hague


It's great that these Nobel Prize winners stood up and took some action for the issues we need to fix. They decided that something needed to be done. I realize that I was one very lucky person to be able to meet them, and I just wanted to say thank you to the people who organized this event for letting me come along, and thank you Mairead Maguire and Gerald 't Hooft for passing along some of your ideas and thoughts to me.

Katy, International School of Amsterdam